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  • Steve GilhoolyOpen or Close

    My 12 year old is walking on air tonight. What a great weekend. I cannot believe the amount of personal attention the girls got from all these unbelievable players. Jennie is right there the whole time, giving personal pointers to all the pitchers. I was talking with the other parents and the all agreed. It's like Michael Jordan teaching your kid to shoot a jump shot. A great weekend and a great experience for the girls.

    Highly recommended.

    Steve Gilhooly

  • Brad ShupeOpen or Close


    I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know we recently had two daughters attend your camp in Rochester, MN - what a weekend to remember with the blizzard! My wife and I continue to bring up the positive experience to our family and friends. Simply put, the camp was awesome. Not only did the camp teach the girls about softball, but more importantly many positive experiences and life lessons were taught, and that is what impressed me the most. To me, as a "Softball Dad", and coach, it was so re-assuring to hear the dialogue between Jennie, Doug, the other coaches and instructors and the girls. Things like positive attitude, work, never give up, practice, attitude, determination, drive, practice, then practice some more, have fun... these are what I've been preaching to my kids and to hear it from people who've lived it and achieved so much, well it just re-affirms for me that we're on the right track... so thank you to everyone that made the camp a reality, trust me, I know there's a lot that goes on "behind the scenes" to pull off such an event. We traveled from northern Iowa and will definitely be on the roster next year, assuming the camp makes a return visit.

    Thanks again, and I wish you continued success with the camps and the messages delivered, you sure made an impact on our daughters.

    Brad Shupe

  • S. J. Garchar / MichiganOpen or Close

    Dear Jennie,

    Words cannot express how happy my family was with your 2011 Monroe, MI. Softball Camp. All of your staff and coaches were so very nice and enthusiastic to teach all of the girls the fundamentals and complexities of softball. We really enjoyed that you had a Christian flair to your camp and attended the Sunday Morning Bible study, it was truly inspiring! I am so glad that I now have the tools to teach my daughter the correct softball techniques. We were also impressed with how organized you all were and made yourselves accessible for questions throughout the event. Please keep us updated on your upcoming pitching video, auto biography and also when you will return to Monroe, we will definitely attend.

    Jennie you should be very proud of what you have accomplished, you are a hero to so many youth in a world that lacks positive roll models, congratulations and keep up the good work!


    S. J. Garchar

  • Darci Z. / Northglenn, COOpen or Close

    My daughter Natasha just attended the camp in Colorado Springs (May 2010), and I just wanted to say thank you so much! All of the coaches were SO wonderful, accessible and really made my daughter feel special. I really loved how she felt like she could walk right up to Jennie and ask her a question. I also feel like she learned more in 2 days than she could have in a week at a different camp! I wanted to thank Jennie too for praying before the game. Her walk with Christ has encouraged my 10 year old to be bold in her faith and for that I am eternally grateful! Jennie - Thanks so much for being the kind of woman I am happy to have my daughter looking up to and wanting to be "just like." I appreciate you and the other ladies you had with you this weekend more than I can say!

    Darci Z.
    Northglenn, CO

  • Jennifer BrackmanOpen or Close

    I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for coming to Arkansas to have a camp!!! I am from Bradley, Arkansas (population about 500 people) and I coach the Bradley High School Softball team. I brought 11 of my girls to the camp and they loved everything about it. They especially loved Jennie, Mac, Andrea, and Laura. They couldn't stop talking about it. I especially enjoyed it. I have been watching Jennie since she played for the Arizona Wildcats. She is such an amazing person. She is also great with the kids!! The camp was well organized and well maintained. I loved that the entire Finch/Daigle family runs the entire camp. Jennie is such a motivational person. I loved every time she had the microphone because she always had something positive to say. That helps a lot with the teenage group of girls that I have. Again, THANKS for everything and I hope to see you close to us again.

    Also, I want to thank you for inspiring me to be a better coach!!!!


    Jennifer Brackman

  • Denise H.Open or Close

    My daughter, Macy attended the Jennie Finch Camp in Oklahoma (May 2009)! I cannot praise EVERYONE involved in this camp enough...How do you put a price tag on World Class Athletes and Families who taught your daughter so much...I knew my 9 year old would be thrilled to meet all the athletes, however the positive education she received was an unexpected bonus...Our daughter saw every athletes GREAT ATTITUDE, THEIR LOVE OF LIFE AS WELL AS SOFTBALL!! Macy was so impressed and now has several role models that have guided her to a life path only God could have directed her to....I can't stress enough, to everyone, attend this camp no matter what it takes to get there!! YOU as well AS YOUR DAUGHTER will walk away with the best experience. Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart, my daughter, husband and I WISH WE COULD DO IT ALL AGAIN!!


    We are saving to attend another camp!!

    Denise H.

  • Michelle H / MYSAI Ajax United Select 95G / Tri County Smash U14 ASAOpen or Close

    I would just like to take a moment to say Thank You for all your work you have put into this camp. The Camp was OutSTANDING!!! I was so impressed at how well organized the camp was ran. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. My daughter is never the 1st running or the easiest kid to teach. But this weekend she was always 1st and never dropped her shoulders once. The positive atmosphere was contagious. It was our pleasure to be able to participate in this top of the line camp. We have tried many camps for volleyball, soccer and softball. We always leave with the mindset that was ok. We cannot wait til next year. If the camp doesn't come back to California, we will travel! Thanks again i know there is tons of behind the scenes we don't get to see. All the coaches were world class Athletes!

    Michelle H
    Ajax United Select 95G
    Tri County Smash U14 ASA

  • Tracey L.Open or Close

    My daughter Hailey just attended the camp in Folsom. The training and skills she learned were incredible. Not only did she have a fantastic time, but she left with the valuable insight on how to be a better softball player. We can't thank you enough! The camp was extremely organized and very well staffed.

    I'm not sure how Folsom go so lucky to 'get' Jennie and the camp in our neck of the woods, but we sure hope you come back next year!

    Thanks again,
    Tracey L

    Jennie and Staff

  • Dale S.Open or Close

    This is the first day back from your Folsom, Cali camp. What an amazing experience. After two work-filled days, my 11 year old daughter and I talked the whole way home (2 1/2 hour trip) about all of the things WE had learned and were going to try. I then found us in the rather dark front yard, with her Pitching and me trying to catch what I couldn't see! I wanted to thank you so much for all you, your fellow Olympians and staff shared with us. I find myself putting together coaching ideas for next season, already. Having been coaching youth sports for many years, and having been to several sports camps, I found yours to be the best. I am hoping to see you in the Northern California area next year.

    Thank you again for two GREAT days!!!

    Dale S