• Mizuno


    Mizuno has a complete line of high performance fastpitch ball gloves, footwear, fastpitch bats, batting gloves, and performance apparel. Finch will continue to contribute her feedback in the research and development process. The current line-up of Mizuno fastpitch products includes several Finch series items including the Finch Franchise Series of fastpitch ball gloves, Jennie Finch™ Signature Series fastpitch bat , the Finch™ Premier G2 batting gloves , Jennie Finch™ Low Rise Slider w/ Padding compression shorts , and 9-Spike™ Finch™ Mid and Low G4 Cleats.

  • Dudley Sports

    Dudley Sports

    About Dudley

    The DUDLEY® trademark is owned by Russell Brands, LLC.  For more information, visit

  • Pro Mounds

    Pro Mounds

    ProMounds is a maker of portable pitching mounds, spike resistant turf products and quality field equipment.

  • TeamSnap


    TeamSnap is an online service that saves you time by allowing you to efficiently manage your softball team. 5,000,000+ managers, coaches, parents and players gain acompetitive edge using TeamSnap. Shouldn't you?

  • SWINGAWAY Sports Products

    SWINGAWAY Sports Products

    SWINGAWAY Sports Products has emerged as the leader in Developing Highly Effective Game Improvement Baseball/ Softball Training Equipment.  SWINGAWAY Training Equipment has earned the Validation of the Highest Levels of the Game of Baseball and Softball.  SWINGAWAY training aids are used by Major League Teams and Players plus the Top Collegiate, High School and Travel Baseball and Softball Programs throughout the United States.

  • Diamond Nation

    Diamond Nation

    Diamond Nation is dedicated to providing top level instruction and facilities for serious players looking to take their game to the next level. We have created an environment that allows you the opportunity to learn and train properly in order to advance your skills and playing abilities.

  • Finch Windmill

    Finch Windmill

    The Finch Windmill was created by Doug Finch, and is an exercise/training machine that promotes muscle strength, endurance and balance on both the left and right sides. The Finch Windmill is a shoulder exercise machine highly recommended by many doctors, coaches and family members for performance, injury prevention, and shoulder rehabilitation.

  • Game Signs

    Game Signs

    Don't get crossed up on the field ever again with the Game Signs™ Signal Enhancement Stickers. The Game Signs™ finger stickers are ultra-bright and will help coaches, catchers, pitchers and fielders get on the same page. Easy to apply and remove, Game Signs™ are used by elite players in the Major and Minor leagues of baseball and softball and are proudly made in the USA.

  • Women's Sports Foundation

    Women's Sports Foundation

    The Women’s Sports Foundation—the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women.

  • ZEPP


    Zepp is a company of athletes. (Once an athlete, always an athlete, right?) But more specifically, we’re athletes who are driven by science and innovation. We began our journey with a simple quest: to bring meaningful data to sports. That soon expanded into a broader mission of helping athletes improve their performance, boost their confidence and reach their maximum potential. Because data alone is not enough. That’s why, at Zepp, we are committed to developing the advanced 3D visuals, actionable insights and interactive training tools needed to truly transform your game. Welcome to the future of wearable sports technology.


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2017 Jennie Finch Softball Camps are ALL open for registration at

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It's that time of year ⚾️ #Ace

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Jennie Finch @JennieFinch

"I want people to know me & be changed by Papa, to know they are truly, fully loved!" @TheShackMovie #TheShack In t…

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‪"I want people to know me & be changed by Papa, to know they are truly, fully loved." The Shack #TheShack In theaters March 3rd! Broken beauty... filled with Hope & Love. #GodIsAlwaysAtWork #HeIsAlwaysWithUs @TheShackMovie

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The Official Jennie Finch Fan Page

Join me at a softball clinic in upstate NY at Houghton College on March 11. Register now to get a special rate

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The Official Jennie Finch Fan Page

Such a pleasure sharing the field aka gym with Skidmore College Softball today! Thanks for having us, all the best this season! Thanks to all the families that braved the weather to come out! #DreamBelieve Go Thoroughbreds!

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